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Jupiter Imaged at AstroCamp

AstroCamp counselor Lee Keith reports on his imaging Jupiter on July 5, 2019:

Here I am reporting from YMCA Camp Eberhart AstroCamp near Three Rivers MI. Had a violent squall pass through late in the afternoon but then it cleared, though the dewpoint is still in the 70s, again!

Not only was it clear, but the seeing was good early in the evening but slowly deteriorated as the evening went on and the atmosphere cooled. Campers were able to see the Great Red Spot visually with the 18" f/4.5 dobsonian which is driven. By the time I was able to image, the spot was gone, but I did get some stunning images which are attached. Hope you enjoy them.

Image taken with an 18" f/4.5 dob and the Celestron NexImage5 camera using FireCapture, AutoStakkert! & Registax6 and Photoshop.

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