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6 Guest Astronomers, Week of AstroCamp

Scoping out Lake Corey at YMCA Camp Eberhart

YMCA Camp Eberhart’s 1-week ASTRO CAMP program takes place from June 30th through July 6th. The program is designed for boys and girls, ages 9 to 13 years, who want to learn all they can about finding the Constellations in dark night sky … using telescopes to target stars, clusters, nebulae and galaxies … and using cameras and computers to image (photograph) the distant celestial objects that they locate.

The big news is…..This year six highly trained astronomers, eager to share their knowledge and skills with the young campers, will participate in this special program. It is designed to be a Stargazing Experience of a lifetime! A rare opportunity to learn. Not to be missed. To attend ASTRO CAMP, contact YMCA Camp

The guest astronomers are:


Darren, Camp Eberhart’s “Resident Astronomer” for 13 years, can find any target in the sky with his awesomely huge 18-inch diameter telescope. He’ll show you celestial sights that will knock your socks off! Darren teaches science in Chicago area schools and presents at the Cernan Space Center. Darren’s greatest joy is the dark night sky, and he loves to share it with the campers! Darren’s awesome!


Linda, AstroCamp director, will energize you with her enthusiasm and inspire you with her telescope skills and Astronomy knowledge and creativity. Astronomer-of-the-Year 1998 from the Greater Hartford (CT) Astronomical Society! AstroCamp volunteer since 2006. Vice-President of Michiana Astronomical Society and MAS Annual Star Party organizer! Teacher in the PHM schools. Winning coach for Science Olympiad! Linda’s got it all…exceptional organizer, instructor, mentor.


Steve is much more than our telescope fix-it man. Steve is great working with campers, teaching them new telescope skills, helping them to learn the constellations in the night sky, for over 10 years at AstroCamp. Steve is a master mechanic, and can fix anything. He keeps all the scopes and equipment in tip-top shape. Steve is the magic behind the curtain…he keeps AstroCamp running smoothly and efficiently.


Lee comes to us all the way from Wisconsin! An expert on the telescope, Lee has earned the coveted and prestigious Herschel Certificate for observing 400 celestial objects. He takes amazing astrophotos, and loves to share his skill with others! Past President of the Milwaukee Astronomical Society, Lee has taught Astronomy for 15+ years at UW-Sheboygan and UW-Waukesha. He’s great with kids – he’s proved himself at AstroCamp since 2012.


Tom was the first AstroCamp volunteer, in 2002. Coming from the Chicago area, he raised the bar with his incredible deep-sky observing ability on his custom-made 12.5-inch diameter Porto-Ball reflector telescope and his “couch-potato” binocular chair set-up. Tom, a 50-year stargazer, is a super teacher, and loves to work with kids. He holds a BS in Applied Math & Physics, adjunct professor at Lewis University, computer science. An entertainer (guitar & vocal), a storyteller, Tom is a man of many talents.


Preston, a well-experienced and widely published Astro-Imager who has traveled the country photographing deep-sky objects with his high-tech telescope and computer imaging equipment, joins us for the first time. Born and raised in South Bend, an EB camper in 1960 when the Yarger Observatory opened, a grad of IU Music School, Prestion now resides in New Yourk City and is director of Tribeca Music Festival. Preston recalls his great grandfather was a SB-YMCA board member when Camp Eberhart was started back in 1909.

To attend AstroCamp, register at YMCA Camp Eberhart.

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