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Imaging Jupiter at AstroCamp 2018

Image of Jupiter on 6 May 2018, courtesy of AstroCamp counselor Lee Keith

AstroCamp has Lee Keith as our own Astrophotography guru, as he teaches our campers how to take photographs of sky objects.

He always brings his equipment to camp, and can hook a telescope up to a monitor so that more than one person at a time can see what he is doing! He explains how to process the pictures to get the best view of planets (and other objects).

This great shot of Jupiter was 1 of 3 he had taken, and colorful features are seen, including the Great Red Spot, halfway around the side on the left. Jupiter will be an easy target for campers to find in the brand new 8" reflectors we will be using.

Here is a photo of Jupiter that he captured on May 6, 2018 from where he lives in Wisconsin. Come be with us at Camp Eberhart on Week #7, and he will wow you with how it's done!

We will see the Moon and Mars in the East, Saturn in the South, and Jupiter in the West. So many astrophotos may be taken during AstroCamp!

Evening planets at AstroCamp 2018

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