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Caught: ISS Buzzes By Jupiter

Jupiter and ISS

Jupiter and ISS with labels

The International Space Station (ISS) appeared to buzz by the planet Jupiter and its moons, which was witnessed at 2017 AstroCamp. AstroCamp staffer Lee Keith writes:

For those of you who don't know, I am volunteering for the week at YMCA Camp Eberhart near Three Rivers MI. We do some unusual things, including watching the ISS fly past Jupiter last night. We had seen predictions of it flying between 3 of Jupiter's moons but it flew a little wide. I just caught it on the edge of my field of view using a 190mm Mak-Newtonian f/5. Attached is a section of the best frame showing the ISS skimming by. I was doing 90 frames/sec @1/109 sec at the time. You can see that it is not a point but has a main body and a rectangular extension (solar panel).

You could see the ISS approach Jupiter from below with the naked eye as it got brighter. Jupiter was only 17deg above the SW horizon at the time so things are not very sharp. Our observing field was full of AstroCampers and others who had gotten wind of the event. After Jupiter, we watched as it climbed high in the sky and watched as it faded in the NE. Then we got down to business observing with a variety of scopes: 2 18" Obsessions, two C11s, the 190 Mak-Newt and several 8 & 10" dobs and a 80mm bino on a tripod. One 18" Obsession is motorized and is driven!

We also have a 60mm Coranado and 50mm Lunt solar scopes. I hope there is much to see today as we are calling today "SUNday" and talking about the upcoming eclipse next month.

Can't wait until tonight!


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